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əˈsōsēˌātid, /freSH/


A website connecting people to things of interest, without the fluff.

The concept of Associated Fresh is based off the interests my team and I deem noteworthy (i.e. “fresh”) that the general public should be aware of. The spectrum of topics span the realms of indie music, sneaker culture, subjects of worth, and geekdom in what we like to call Pure Nerdvana. All the things you should know about, we cover in one site that we “associate” said freshness on.

From online exchanges with city mayors, to articles outlining our distaste for certain sneaker giants, we represent the demographic of Generation Y that is multifaceted and bold.


We here are not the type to dole out the same regurgitated jargon you can find on the other “50-‘leven” sites that fancy hip hop. We are lovers of good music, part time sneaker and comic aficionados who search tirelessly to find more ways to bridge the gap from the unapologetic offline conversations that have the sound reasoning that deserves to be discussed with like minded individuals online.

Our unique content has been viewed in over 134 countries and averaging 15,000 views per month. The crazy part about all this is we’re really just getting started. If you would like for us to assist in getting your business out in these areas, please refer to our advertise section.


We strive to provide awesome content while offering a platform for up and coming talent worth mentioning. It’s a win-win as it strokes our ever growing ego to be up on something before the rest of the world catches up, but to have a hand in someone’s success is all the worthwhile.

Above are a select few of the companies that artists we’ve featured have ended up working with. Are you a brand that needs assistance impacting the interwebs? Let us work with you via our affordable solutions.

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