A Fresh.

Marketing communication has moved away from brand awareness and B2B or B2C to H2H (Human to Human) communication. With over 10 years of experience working with domestic and global brands, I am intrigued by roles in which digital communication strategies play in creating a responsive relationship between brands and their customers.

Who I Am.

A wise man told me doing what you love will ensure you won't work a day in your life. A decade later and that mantra still holds true. My love for art, marketing and writing meet a crossroads -- here! This website is not just an overview of my skill set and a sample set of some of the clients I helped, but my playground to actively engage in these arenas!

Chris Georges

Swiss Army Knife of Digital Marketing, Design & Promotions


Looking for something simple yet direct? Or better yet, formal with a bit of edge? I think I can help you bring the vision to life.


Need an overview to make an impact for your brand? I LOVE talking strategy! Let's talk shop!


Trying to get a handle on brand awareness whether through social media or SEO? Maybe you need help with content writing? I can run a diagnostic to see how you're fairing and what I can do to improve it.


Want assistance to build word of mouth offline? Let's discuss options today!

How I can help you.

1 Send me a note below and break down what you need done.

2 Within 24 hours I will contact you for a consultation.

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