Unused Costume Design for X-Men is Just Another Reason to Not Like Apocalypse

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There’s a list a mile wide full of reasons to ignore the latest iteration into Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse — certain characters not being utilized, dialogue issues, actors — but to add to the list, new concept images of the film’s unfinished costume designs for a couple of the film’s characters have hit the Internet. Costume Designer Joshua James Shaw uploaded the … Read More

Cash In Now, Dwight Howard Entering Free Agency For the Low

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Now that the unnecessarily long NBA season is over, now it’s time to round up theories as to where free agents will rome. And while most have Kevin Durant’s whereabouts all but figured out, the interesting take is D12 and who would be caught with the man-boy center. You might have seen my entry laying into him and his cancerous tendencies, … Read More