Remembering Ludacris Before the Fall Off

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Remembering Ludacris Before the Fall Off

  I am sitting here listening to seminole hits from someone who had the Southern region in his palm — or frow — and the only thing that keeps running through my mind is just what in the hell happened?  Since I’m well aware that we’re in a time full of super hyper-sensitive fans who just like trolling, let me … Read More

So Just What is Google Fuschia?

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google fuchsia

Google primarily makes its money controlling every bit of our lives selling ads, but it diverts that money into all sorts of unusual projects. One most recently, has been creating an operating system called ‘Fuchsia,’ although nobody knows just what the system is for. Nerds following Fuchsia on GitHub, the Internet’s backup dumpster for computer code, with interest. Fuchsia’s not built on Linux, … Read More

Joell Ortiz, Nitty Scott MC and Bodega Bamz A.K.A. NO PANTY Drop Salaam Remi Produced Westside Highway Story

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With Joe being entangled in OVO drama, Royce Da 5’9 touring and Kxng Crooked working on discovering the next great emcee little to no information was given on Joell’s whereabouts. Outside of dropping some loose cuts, he with his new group members release their first offering helmed by none other than Salaam Remi. With Bodega Bamz the only member out of … Read More